Welcome to the Flipper Zero Unleashed Firmware repo!

This firmware is a fork from flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware

Most stable custom firmware focused on new features and improvements of original firmware components, with almost no UI changes

This software is for experimental purposes only and is not meant for any illegal activity/purposes. We do not condone illegal activity and strongly encourage keeping transmissions to legal/valid uses allowed by law. Also, this software is made without any support from Flipper Devices and is in no way related to the official devs.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Follow this link to find answers to most asked questions

Dev builds (unstable)

  • https://dev.unleashedflip.com/

  • https://t.me/kotnehleb

Releases in Telegram

  • https://t.me/unleashed_fw

What's changed

  • Sub-GHz lib & hal

    • Regional TX restrictions removed

    • Extra Sub-GHz frequencies

    • Frequency range can be extended in settings file (Warning: It can damage Flipper's hardware)

    • Many rolling code protocols now have the ability to save & send captured signals

    • FAAC SLH (Spa) & BFT Mitto (keeloq secure with seed) manual creation

    • External CC1101 module support (by quen0n)

  • Sub-GHz Main App

    • Save last used frequency (by derskythe)

    • New frequency analyzer (by ClusterM)

    • Press OK in frequency analyzer to use detected frequency in Read modes (by derskythe)

    • Long press OK button in Sub-GHz Frequency analyzer to switch to Read menu (by derskythe)

    • New option to use timestamps + protocol name when you saving file, instead of random name or timestamp only - Enable in Radio Settings -> Protocol Names = ON

    • Read mode UI improvements (shows time when signal was received) (by @wosk)

    • External CC1101 module support (Hardware SPI used)

    • Hold right in received signal list to delete selected signal

    • Custom buttons for Keeloq / Alutech AT4N / Nice Flor S / Somfy Telis / Security+ 2.0 / CAME Atomo - now you can use arrow buttons to send signal with different button code

    • Add manually menu extended with new protocols

    • FAAC SLH, BFT Mitto / Somfy Telis / Nice Flor S / CAME Atomo, etc.. manual creation with programming new remote into receiver (use button 0xF for BFT Mitto, 0x8 (Prog) on Somfy Telis)

    • Debug mode counter increase settings (+1 -> +5, +10, default: +1)

    • Debug PIN output settings for protocol development

  • Sub-GHz apps by unleashed team

    • Sub-GHz Bruteforce - static code brute-force plugin |

      • Time delay (between signals) setting (hold Up in main screen(says Up to Save)) + configure repeats in protocols list by pressing right button on selected protocol

      • Load your own file and select bytes you want to bruteforce or use preconfigured options in protocols list

    • Sub-GHz Remote - remote control for 5 sub-ghz files | bind one file for each button

      • use the built-in constructor or make config file by following this instruction

  • Infrared

    • Recompiled IR TV Universal Remote for ALL buttons

    • Universal remotes for Projectors, Fans, A/Cs and Audio(soundbars, etc.) -> Also always updated and verified by our team

    • Infrared -> RCA Protocol

    • Infrared -> Debug TX PIN output settings

  • NFC/RFID/iButton

    • LFRFID/iButton Fuzzer plugins

    • Extra Mifare Classic keys

    • Add manually -> Mifare Classic with custom UID

    • Picopass/iClass plugin (now with emulation support!) included in releases

  • Quality of life & other features

    • Customizable Flipper name Update! Now can be changed in Settings->Desktop (by @xMasterX and @Willy-JL)

    • Text Input UI element -> Cursor feature (by @Willy-JL)

    • Byte Input Mini editor -> Press UP multiple times until the nibble editor appears

    • Clock on Desktop -> Settings -> Desktop -> Show Clock

    • Battery percentage display with different styles Settings -> Desktop -> Battery View

    • More games in Dummy Mode -> click or hold any of arrow buttons

    • Lock device with pin(or regular lock if pin not set) by holding UP button on main screen (by an4tur0r)

    • BadBT plugin (BT version of BadKB) (by Willy-JL, ClaraCrazy, XFW contributors) - (See in Applications->Tools) - (aka BadUSB via Bluetooth)

    • BadUSB -> Keyboard layouts (by rien > dummy-decoy)

    • Custom community plugins and games added + all known working apps can be downloaded in extra pack in every release

    • Other small fixes and changes throughout

    • See other changes in readme below

Also check the changelog in releases for latest updates!

Current modified and new Sub-GHz protocols list:

Thanks to Official team (to their SubGHz Developer, Skorp) for implementing decoders for these protocols in OFW.

Keeloq [Not ALL systems supported for decode or emulation!] - Supported manufacturers list

Encoders or sending made by @xMasterX:

  • Nero Radio 57bit (+ 56bit encoder improvements)

  • CAME 12bit/24bit encoder fixes (Fixes now merged in OFW)

  • Keeloq: HCS101

  • Keeloq: AN-Motors

  • Keeloq: JCM Tech

  • Keeloq: MHouse

  • Keeloq: Nice Smilo

  • Keeloq: DTM Neo

  • Keeloq: FAAC RC,XT

  • Keeloq: Mutancode

  • Keeloq: Normstahl

  • Keeloq: Beninca + Allmatic

  • Keeloq: Stilmatic

  • Keeloq: CAME Space

  • Keeloq: Aprimatic (model TR and similar)

  • Keeloq: Centurion Nova (thanks Carlos !)

Encoders or sending made by @Eng1n33r(first implementation in Q2 2022) & @xMasterX (current version):

  • CAME Atomo -> Update! check out new instructions

  • Nice Flor S -> How to create new remote - instructions

  • FAAC SLH (Spa) -> Update!!! Check out new instructions

  • Keeloq: BFT Mitto -> Update! Check out new instructions

  • Star Line

  • Security+ v1 & v2 (encoders was made in OFW)

Encoders made by @assasinfil & @xMasterX:

  • Somfy Telis -> How to create new remote - instructions

  • Somfy Keytis

  • KingGates Stylo 4k

  • Alutech AT-4N -> How to create new remote - instructions

  • Nice ON2E (Nice One) -> How to create new remote - instructions

Please support development of the project

The majority of this project is developed and maintained by me, @xMasterX. I'm unemployed, and the only income I receive is from your donations. Our team is small and the guys are working on this project as much as they can solely based on the enthusiasm they have for this project and the community.

  • @gid9798 - SubGHz, Plugins, many other things

  • @assasinfil - SubGHz protocols, NFC parsers (working with @Leptopt1los)

  • @Svaarich - UI design and animations

  • @amec0e & @Leptopt1los (only ACs) - Infrared assets

  • Community moderators in Telegram, Discord, and Reddit

  • And of course our GitHub community. Your PRs are a very important part of this firmware and open-source development.

The amount of work done on this project is huge and we need your support, no matter how large or small. Even if you just say, "Thank you Unleashed firmware developers!" somewhere. Doing so will help us continue our work and will help drive us to make the firmware better every time. Also, regarding our releases, every build has and always will be free and open-source. There will be no paywall releases or closed-source apps within the firmware. As long as I am working on this project it will never happen. You can support us by using links or addresses below:





patreon alternative



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only RU payments accepted









darkflippers.eth (or 0xFebF1bBc8229418FF2408C07AF6Afa49152fEc6a)












Community apps included

See full list and sources here: xMasterX/all-the-plugins

Official Flipper Zero Apps Catalog web version or mobile app


First look at official docs docs.flipper.net

How to install - versions info: n, ,e...

Firmware & Development

- How to build | Project-structure

- CLion IDE - How to setup workspace for flipper firmware development by Savely Krasovsky

- "Hello world!" - plugin tutorial English by DroomOne | Russian by Pavel Yakovlev

- How to write your own app. Docs by atmanos ⚠️outdated API

Firmware & main Apps feature


- Transmission is blocked? How to extend Sub-GHz frequency range

- Configure Sub-GHz Remote App Not recomeded, please use embedded configurator


- TOTP (Authenticator): config description

- Mifare Nested plugin: How to recover keys

- Barcode Generator: How to use

- Multi Converter: How to use

- Sub-GHz playlist: generator script

Plugins that works with external hardware [GPIO]

- Unitemp - Temperature sensors reader: How to use & supported sensors

- [NMEA] GPS: How to use

- i2c Tools How to use

- [NRF24] plugins: How to use

- [WiFi] Scanner: How to use | Web Flasher

- [ESP8266] Deauther: How to use | Web Flasher

- [ESP32] WiFi Marauder: How to use docs by UberGuidoZ | Marauder repo

- [ESP32-CAM] Camera Suite: How to use

- How to Upload .bin to ESP32/ESP8266: Windows | FAP "ESP flasher"

- [GPIO] SentrySafe plugin: How to use

Where I can find IR, Sub-GHz, ... files, DBs, and other stuff?

Project structure

  • applications - Applications and services used in firmware

  • assets - Assets used by applications and services

  • furi - Furi Core: OS-level primitives and helpers

  • debug - Debug tool: GDB-plugins, SVD-file and etc

  • documentation - Documentation generation system configs and input files

  • firmware - Firmware source code

  • lib - Our and 3rd party libraries, drivers and etc...

  • site_scons - Build helpers

  • scripts - Supplementary scripts and python libraries home

Also, pay attention to the ReadMe.md files inside those directories.