Using Launchpad

Create a Launchpad accountΒΆ

If you don’t have a Launchpad account already, use the registration page to create a new one.

Edit the languages for your account and add all the languages you are fluent in.

Join the translation team for your languageΒΆ

To see all the languages and their current status, go to Translation status by language and click on View all languages.

Click on your language and then on the name of the team which is responsible for translations in your language:

Click Join the team:

Translate using LaunchpadΒΆ

Once you’ve joined the translation team, you can start translating.

Click on your language, choose a project which has missing translations and click on the number of untranslated items.

At the top of the page, make sure that you are in Reviewer mode (otherwise your translations won’t be approved automatically and they will wait for somebody else to review them).

Using POEditΒΆ

If you want to translate faster, you can download the translations as a .po file, edit that file with a tool called poedit and upload the edited .po file back into Launchpad.

Download the translationsΒΆ

Choose a project and click Download translation:

Choose PO format as the file format and click Request Download.

Wait for Launchpad to send you an email (this can take a little while). In the email you will find a download link to either the .po file directly or a compressed archive containing the .po file.

Use POEditΒΆ

To install POEdit, open a terminal and type:

Open the .po file you got from Launchpad with POEdit:

Browse the menus and familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts. If you use these shortcuts and the built-in spell checker, you’ll translate much faster with POEdit than with Launchpad.

When finished, click Save.

Upload the translations back into LaunchpadΒΆ

In Launchpad, click Upload translation.

Select your .po file and click Upload.

Click Translation Import Queue to view the Translation import queue for latest. If your upload is marked as Needs Review, click the Edit button (symbolized by a pen symbol), choose the correct template (i.e. project), and click Approve.

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