Getting Started

Power on

Out of the box, Flipper Zero is in transport mode. In this mode, only the internal real-time clock of the microcontroller is powered. To power on Flipper Zero, press and hold the :back: button for three seconds.


The Flipper Zero firmware is still in development, and some of its features may be unstable. The device might freeze during useβ€”reboot your Flipper Zero by pressing and holding the :left: and :back: buttons.

Installing the microSD card

The microSD card stores all kinds of data - keys, cards, remotes, databases, and more. The microSD card is required for firmware update, so it is important to install the microSD card BEFORE updating your device.

Flipper Zero supports microSD cards with a capacity up to 128GB, however, we recommend using microSD cards with a capacity of 16GB or 32GB.

If the microSD card doesn't work

After installing the microSD card, a mount error message may appear on the screen of the device:

This error can occur for the following reasons:

  • The microSD card has a file system other than FAT32 or exFAT.

  • There is no file system on the microSD card.

  • The microSD card is damaged.

  1. Format the memory card according to the instructions: . All data on the memory card will be deleted.

  2. On the home screen of the device, press :right: to close the message.

  3. If the error message persists, replace the microSD card with a different card.

Firmware and database updates

The Flipper Zero firmware is in beta and is under active development. We improve it daily. That's why we recommend you to update the firmware and internal databases to the latest version right away.

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