NetHunter KeX Manager

Being mobile doesn’t mean putting up with tiny!

Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience puts the Kali Linux desktop in the palm of your hand.

Connect a monitor via HDMI or screen casting and you have a Kali experience indistinguishable from sitting in front of a desktop computer.


Start the KeX Manager

Set-up KeX

Start & Stop KeX

Launch the KeX Client

Use KeX controls

Advanced KeX Settings

Start the KeX Manager

Click on the hamburger menu item and select β€œKeX Manager” to open the KeX menu. Here you can start & stop the service, open the KeX client and configure advanced settings. KeX can be started by executing the following steps:

  • Only once: Set a KeX password before first use

  • Start the KeX Server

  • Open the KeX Client

  • Only once: Enter the KeX password (it gets stored securely in the connection profile)

  • Click β€œConnect” in the KeX client to connect to the KeX server

  • Connect HDMI monitor and bluetooth keyboard and mouse (optional, device can be used as touchpad)


  • Open β€œADVANCED SETTINGS” and set a custom resolution to fit the connected monitor

Set-up KeX

Before starting the KeX server for the first time, click on β€œSETUP LOCAL SERVER” and configure a session password and a read only password.

Start KeX

To start KeX, click on β€œSTART SERVER”. To stop KeX, click on β€œSTOP SERVER”. To display whether the server is running or not, click the refresh button.

Launch the KeX Client

To launch the KeX client, click β€œOPEN KEX CLIENT”

Before connecting for the first time, enter the password (the one you have configured when setting up the server) in the password field

Press β€œConnect”

Use KeX controls

Touching the screen displays the on-screen-display for 2 seconds, which allows you to open the on-screen keyboard or the context menu to configure or disconnect the KeX session.

You can disconnect and re-connect to your session any time.

Advanced KeX Settings

Open the β€œADVANCED SETTINGS” menu to tweak the display resolution settings.

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