Pre-installing Linux Mint (OEM Installation)

In the ISO boot menu, OEM install is used to preinstall Linux Mint.

This option is useful to:

  • Manufacturers and resellers who want to install Linux Mint on computers they sell to their customers.

  • People who want to sell or give their computer to somebody else.

When you install Linux Mint in OEM mode, the operating system is installed with a temporary user account and prepared for the computer’s future owner.

The user account is set up by the new owner.

To perform an OEM installation follow the steps below:

  1. Select OEM Install from the USB stick (or DVD) menu.

  2. Launch the installer and follow the installation instructions.

  3. Restart the computer.

  4. Change any system settings or install additional software if you want.

  5. When ready, click Prepare for shipping to end user, enter the password you chose during the installation, click OK and shut down the computer.

When the new owner of the computer boots the computer the following screen appears:

The new owner selects his or her username, password, keyboard layout, language, timezone and all the details relevant to create his or her user account.

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