Lua Modules

INTRO(3lua)                          LOCAL                         INTRO(3lua)

     intro -- introduction to the Lua modules

     This section provides an overview of the Lua modules, their functions,
     error returns and other common definitions and concepts.

     The Lua modules provided by NetBSD are:

             Access libbozohttpd(3) functionality.
     gpio    Access gpio(4) pins.
     libm    Access math(3) functionality.
     netpgp  Access libnetpgp(3) functionality.
     sqlite  Access sqlite3(1) files.
     syslog  Access syslog(3) functionality.

     lua(1), luac(1), bozohttpd(3lua), gpio(3lua), libm(3lua), netpgp(3lua),
     sqlite(3lua), syslog(3lua), intro(9lua)

     An intro manual for Lua modules appeared in NetBSD 7.0.

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